Go with MTN for ultimate security. We have security services that back-up anything you’ve stored on your phone. Never have to worry about lost contacts or documents anymore. We want you to have peace of mind, every time.

MTN Protect

Lost your phone? What if we told you that it could be traced? With MTN Protect, you can be sure that your phone’s content will be not be used inappropriately for whatever reason. 

What do you get with MTN Protect?

  • Remotely locate your phone.
  • Lock your phone and display your info on the phone screen.
  • Activate unstoppable alarm on your phone.
  • Enable Front and Back camera to take a photo of the one in possession of your phone.
  • Erase all of your personal data on your device (contacts, calendar, messages, and images).


How do I activate?

  • To activate MTN Protect, please download the MTN Protect App from your Google Play or Apple Store and soon on MTN Play App Store
  • You can also simply SMS either Protect, 1, Yes or Start to 1359 with a free one month subscription; and only pay GH¢1.00 monthly for subsequent months.


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Phone Backup

Backup your mobile phone contacts so you can retrieve them in the event of loss or theft. It’s easy to backup and it ensures data safety.

What you get

  • Securely store and update your phonebook contacts.
  • Recover personal data even in the event of phone loss or theft.
  • Have no risk of personal data overwriting.
  • Have multiple access to personal data.

There will be a minimal transaction cost after the initial fee.

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Quick Tips

It’s good to backup your personal data every week to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.